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Gunsmithing Prices

Below is a list of some of the gunsmithing services that we offer. If you do not see what you need on the list please send us an email as this is a general list plus I am sure we forgot to add a few things.


Shop Hr       65  
Machine Hr     95  
FFL Transfer        
  Long Gun     20 per gun
  Hand Gun   25 per gun
Laser Engraving     65 per set up
Pantograph Engraving (NFA)    75 plus 10 per line
Cleanings     Complete disassambly, inspection, lube, ultra sonic clean, reassemble
 Est  Most guns    65  
   Break Actions    65-200  
Sight Swap        
Prices do not include sights      
  Glocks     45  
  XD     65+  
  1911 Dovetail   45  
  1911 Staked   65  
  Most guns   45  
Test Fire       25 plus ammo
Sight In       50 plus ammo
Scope Mount     25  
Laser Bore sight     10  
Lap Scope Rings     25 plus scope mount
Custom Estimate     50  
Written Estimate/Cost Estimate 30-50  
Drill and Tap     25-35 per hole
Live Round Removal   100 +  
Check headspace     40 +  
Bore Scope with pics   40  
  Remove leading   Shop Hr  
  Cut Throat   45  
  Chamfer Cylinder   45  
  Polish Chambers   45  
  Trigger/Action Job   120 plus parts
  Fix Timing   75 plus parts or shop hr
Semi Auto        
  Trigger Job   140 plus parts
  Fit new trigger   45 plus parts
  Fit new hammer   55 plus parts
  Fit new sear   55 plus parts
  Fit thumb safety   65  
  Install Bobtail   150 plus parts not including refinish
  Fit additional parts   Shop Hr  
  Fit barrel     150-200 plus parts
  Fit bushing   55 plus parts
  Polish barrel Hood   25  
  Polish feed ramp   15  
  Tighten Slide to Frame 100  
  Cut frame for Beavertail 100  plus beavertail
Install Trigger (apex, XD etc)   65 plus parts
Install new parts     Shop Hr plus parts
Undercut Glock triggerguard   45  
  Full Pistol Frame   200  
  Grip Panel   50  
  Trigger Job   120 plus parts
  Parts Swap   Shop Hr  
  Barrel Swap   45  
  Complete Basic Assembly 75  
  Complete Custom Assembly 200  
Cut and Thread for Muzzle Break 85 not including parts, blending or refinishing
Lap Lugs       75  
Crown Barrel     45  
Chamber Cast     100  
Free float and Bed     150 +  
Fit Recoil Pad     75 plus recoil pad
Inletting Stock     Shop Hr  
Polish Chamber     45  
Polish Barrel     100  
Remove Dent in barrel   120  
Remove dent in Vent Rib   55  
Choke Tube Install     155 plus choke tubes
Prices are for stripped guns, single color    
Long Gun       165  
Handgun       155  
Receiver/Frame/Slide   75  
Quadrail       60 +  
2nd Color with no masking   45  
Camo/Patterns     150 plus additional colors plus shop hr for camo
Mags       10  
Parts       10 +  
Disassembly/Reassembly   40 +  
Prices are for stripped guns and does not include pitting removal
Pitting removal is done at shop Hr above normal bluing prices.
Matte Finish Bead Blast and Blue    
  Handgun     175  
  Long Gun     200  
  Scope Rings   25 by themselves
400 Grit          
  Handgun     250-300  
  Long Gun     275-325  
  Scope Rings   45 by themselves
800 Grit          
  Handgun     300-350  
  Long Gun     300-375  
  Scope Rings   60 by themselves
  Handgun     350 +  
  Long Gun     350 +  
  Scope Rings   75 by themselves